Sunday, April 20, 2008

Run by Ann Patchett

This book begins with the history of a family heirloom and ends with a graduation, but the majority of the story takes place over only 24 hours. That story begins on a snowy winter night a few weeks after Christmas, when a former Boston mayor, Bernard Doyle, and his adopted sons Teddy and Tip, attend a lecture together. When an accident brings Tennessee and Kenya Moser, mother and daughter, into their lives, they discover connections between them that they never imagined.
The story is suspenseful, and continues to move between the characters, showing us hidden truths about their lives, and how deeply they are all connected to each other. Over the 24 hours, Kenya becomes more a part of the family, while Tennessee is fighting for her life through surgery. Both Tip and Teddy more clearly define who they are, and who they see themselves as, rather than what anybody else wants them to be. Bernard begins to understand his family, and he begins the process of broadening that understanding. Other Doyle family members are there as well, bringing connection and coherency to the family.
Run is a very satisfying book, ending in the way that you expect it to, but not disappointingly so. It is a rich and filling story, creating a depth of character and history that brings the reader close to the family.

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