Sunday, June 8, 2008

Re-Gifters by Mike Carey, Sonny Liew, & Marc Hempel

I haven't read very many graphic novels, and honestly, I am not that interested in the genre. I do not enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy reading regular books, and often the style of the art really distracts me from the story. I really liked the style of Re-Gifters, however. And the story is great.
It is sort of a coming-of-age story, as the main character, Dixie, learns about how to value herself. She is "in love" with a dreamy surfer boy who does hapkido with her, but it is obvious from the beginning that he has no interest in her. Dixie has to make some poor choices before she discovers that she is worth more. The story is short, but ends triumphantly.

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