Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block

The thought that comes most often to my mind these days in regards to young adult fiction is, "Why didn't I know these books existed as a teen?" Was I just so wrapped up in my own fantasy books, I just didn't notice anything else? We certainly didn't read Weetzie Bat in school. Oddly enough Weetzie Bat is fantasy, of a sort.
Weetzie Bat is the name of the main character of the book, but that is not nearly the oddest thing about this story. Her story takes place in a pseudo-Los Angeles, where Weetzie's main desire in life is to find the perfect men for her and her best friend Dirk. She finds a genie in a lamp, makes her three wishes, and then must live with the results of those wishes (one being that she actually falls in love with a guy named My Secret Agent Lover Man). But love is not always perfect, nor does it go according to our wishes. As Weetzie's family grows, she has to learn to define love and family for herself, and realize that only those things can hold our lives together.
I was truly amazed at the depth contained in this tiny little book. I read it while waiting for my flight at the airport. It is beautiful and poetic, and strange at the same time. Worth reading for anyone interested in young adult fiction, as it is definitely a classic.

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