Friday, August 29, 2008

Sight by Adrienne Maria Vrettos

The cover of this book is sufficiently creepy to get anyone who enjoys thrillers to read it. It is a close-up of an eye, the main feature of which, for me, were the eyelashes. Yick.
I really enjoyed this book, although not for its creepy aspects or suspense, or even for the mystery that the characters are trying to solve. For me, the characters are the best part of the book. All of the main teen characters are very well drawn, and each is unique and not stereotyped or cookie cutter at all. Even some of the adult characters are more interesting, although they are more prone to be carbon copies of each other. The main plot follows Dylan, who has visions of children in the seconds before they die. She helps the police find their bodies, or sometimes discover how they were killed, but she seems powerless to control this power. She cannot stop the children from dying. When a serial killer appears to have returned to town, she is desperate to keep her secret from her friends, but at the same time she knows that she must try to use it to stop him.
Dylan ends up opening up to her friends, and the story does wrap up the mystery of the serial killer, but not in any sort of satisfactory kind of way. The ending seemed slapped on, and left me wondering what the heck happened. But the story wasn't really why I enjoyed reading the book anyway. I loved the characters and reading about the choices they made. Although there is no set up for a sequel, and for the plot line there is no need of one, I would enjoy reading more about Dylan and her mother's crazy family, and her life in her small town in the mountains.

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