Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Firestar's Quest by Erin Hunter

Ah, yes, another Warriors book. This one is lucky thirteen for me, as I've read the first two series of books (at six books each) in this saga. Now I will be catching up on the manga stories of these cats, and eventually I'll get to the third series. (If you want to read more about what I have to say about these books, just click on "Erin Hunter" in the labels. If you haven't read any of the other Warriors books, or do not have any idea what they are about, then this synopsis and review is not going to make much sense.)
Firestar's Quest is a "super edition" book, a standalone story about the leader of Thunderclan. It is longer than the other books, the size of at least two of the books from the first series (although I've noticed the books getting longer in the third series). This book takes place five or six months after the end of the first series, and about six months before the beginning of the second series. Firestar begins dreaming of fleeing cats, and one cat in particular, mournfully trying to get his attention. Firestar is used to receiving dreams from StarClan, but these dreams are different. They come from the ancestors of a different clan, SkyClan, that has never been heard of in Firestar's forest. SkyClan left the forest when their home was destroyed by Twolegs (humans) - they eventually found some place else to settle, but then had to scatter for some unknown reason. Firestar has been given a quest to find the remnants and pull them back together to make a real clan again.
I really enjoyed this book, more than some of the individual series books. It's a good size for a kid who wants a longer chapter book, but it would probably be enjoyed most by someone who had already read the other Warriors books, at least the first series. This book deals with many of the same themes as the others - loyalty, pride, family, trust. It is structured like many of the other books, but obviously it's longer, so more time is spent developing the new characters in this story.
(And for a meaningless side note, one thing that is really funny about these books are the medicine cats - they are the shamans of the clan. Hunter has her medicine cats learn about the true uses for many herbs, and then use those to heal their clans. I just find it amusing that the herbs used are ones that kids would not necessarily recognize, but Hunter sticks to their proper usage anyways.)

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