Friday, August 14, 2009

Dark Highland Fire by Kendra Leigh Castle

The first catch-up post is here! Hooray!
You may recall from my previous posts that I have really enjoyed the two other books I read by Castle - Call of the Highland Moon and Wild Highland Magic. This book comes in between those two, in terms of storyline, although it is perfectly acceptable to read them out of order (I did - I began with the most recent one!).
Dark Highland Fire tells the story of Gabriel MacInnes and his mate Rowan an Morgaine. Reading this one clarified a lot for me, especially about the various races that are present in the realm of Coracin. It was also interesting to read some of the backstory involving Lucien Andrakkar, who appears very prominently in the third book.
Gabriel is second in line to his brother Gideon (whose story we read in Call of the Highland Moon), which means that he has never really felt a whole lot of purpose in his life. He keeps himself entertained by running his pub and having meaningless flings. When Rowan is literally dumped into his arms, by her brother Bastian, his whole life changes. He makes it his duty to guard her, but she herself is the heir to tremendous magical power, and does not feel that she needs protecting. However, Mordred Andrakkar is threatening both the realms of Earth and Coracin with his madness, which involves both the MacInnes werewolves and the Dyadd Morgaine. Gabriel and Rowan must learn to put up with each other in order to save both their families.
As I have mentioned about these books before, I love the romance in them. The world-building is good as well, making it a great read for both fantasy and romance. Castle's characters are three-dimensional, with foibles that make you love them while you grit your teeth at some of their choices. They certainly aren't perfect. The books are also very funny, and this one is no exception. Definitely check this series out if you haven't yet.
Oh yeah, and this is my final book for the Love Bites Reading Challenge. I finished reading the book before the challenge was over, even if I didn't get anything posted about it until now. So I feel like that's one challenge that I completed on time.


samantha.1020 said...

This was my favorite book out of this series so far! I really enjoyed it and hope that she writes more books soon :)

Jessica said...

I don't think I have a favorite, I really enjoyed all of them. This one might be it, if I had to pick.