Saturday, March 28, 2009

Martel-Harper Challenge - Second Quarter, 2009

The Martel-Harper Challenge follows the list of books that Yann Martel sends to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to read. Martel sends Harper a new book every two weeks, along with a personalized letter about why he should read that particular book. So far, Harper doesn't appear to have read them, or at least he has not responded. But we can read along!
I have participated in this challenge since the last quarter of 2008, I think, so this will be the third time for me. I am still not sure I will be able to finish for the first quarter. I have Maus (#12) sitting on top of my stack of books, but I may not get to it in the next couple of days!! We shall see.
The goal of the quarterly challenge is to read two books from the list. My list:
  • Gilgamesh (either # 41 or #42 from the list, I'm not sure which translation I'll pick up)
  • The Bhagavad Gita (#5)
Hopefully I will get to Maus before the month ends (I have three more days!), but if not, it will certainly be on this list.


Rebecca Reid said...

Awesome! Glad you are joining in again. Martel wrote in his letter for the second Gilgamesh to make sure and read the Mitchell translation first -- the second one is very "modern" so to say.

I haven't read either but it sure looks like fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts. Maus is so good too!

Jeska said...

Cool, I actually put the Mitchell one on hold! That's good to know, I hadn't even looked at the letters.