Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Unfinished Challenges

Oh the sadness of the unfinished challenge. I swear I'm learning a lesson from this, really.
So the Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge ends today. I have about 200 pages left in the final book for that challenge, so I almost did it! I didn't feel like forcing the issue though, so I'll just do a late wrap-up post when I finish it.
The other challenge that ends today is the first quarter of the Martel-Harper Challenge for 2009. I will be participating for the second quarter, so the book that I would have read for the first quarter will be put off for that challenge. So I will not be doing an official wrap-up for this one, as it basically just carries over.
The good news is that I have no more challenge deadlines until the end of June! Huzzah! There is hope that I will finish at least one of these challenges before the end!

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