Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Challenges

Hello, my name is Jeska, and I'm a challenge-oholic. Yes, it's true, I have signed up for entirely too many challenges this year. When I began signing up for them, I think I thought that I would have a lot of cross-over books. I still believe that many will be crossovers, but I may be a little bit overwhelmed. Oh well, it's an awesome way to encourage reading new books. And I have a new rule for myself. I will not be signing up for any challenges that have already started, which means I will not add any more that start Jan 1st! I also typically do not sign up for challenges that require me to do a blog post specifically about the challenge. (I was even removed from a couple when they added that rule! How rude and stifling! This blog is about books, and I am not interested in doing that many miscellaneous posts.)
I have already mentioned some of the challenges that will be appearing in my blog posts. Other challenges that you will likely be seeing soon are the new Martel-Harper Challenge and the Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge. There are many types of challenges on my list, some of which are to read from a specific genre, read a specific author, and many that are kookier and harder to describe. There are the read-a-new-author or read-a-new-book challenges, and the read from your tbr stack challenges. All of these will be helping me to push the limits of my reading and discover new books and authors, and maybe even genres. I will be tracking my progress on my sidebar for each challenge. Each challenge will also be linked on the sidebar, and in the posts about the books for that challenge, so if you would like to join, please do so! I'm really looking forward to all of the great books I will be reading this year!

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lilly said...

Hi Jeska, you did sign up for a lot of challenges. Geez, i thought I was bad, lol!