Friday, January 2, 2009

The Exchange by Inga C Ellzey

"The right murder. The wrong person. The perfect love story." So proclaims the cover of this novel, written by someone who mainly seems to have written it simply so that she can say she did. This book suffers so much from the fact the Ellzey does not seem to particularly care about producing something readable. Her author bio states that it was her dream to write a novel, and now she has. Congratulations to her for achieving her dream.
There are many reasons why this book was difficult to read: ridiculous expository dialogue, bad sex scenes, a predictable, yet not very believable plot. Jewelle is a complete work of fantasy. She is in the Witness Protection Program, which has taken her away from the oh-so-glamorous world of the medical billing industry. To try to recapture some of that excitement that her life has lost, she goes on a cruise. Immediately, every character that she meets becomes her best friend, if female, or new sexy love interest, if male. Within days she is closer to these people than she has ever been to anyone, and they all love each other dearly. So when Jewelle's identity is discovered, and she is once again in danger from the Mob, these friends will sacrifice everything to save her. I didn't even like Jewelle that much, but I suppose that wasn't the point.
It is clear that this book did not get any help from writing workshops or editors. And if it did, they were not doing a very good job. When something is described as being from a picture out of an "I-Maxx" movie, you know that both the author and the editor are not trying very hard.

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