Sunday, April 19, 2009

Final Read-A-Thon Post!

Here is the final hour meme, now that the read-a-thon is over:
1. Which hour was most daunting for you?
  • that last one was a killer
2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was definitely a good choice
3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?
  • nothing comes to mind, a little braindead at the moment - I thought it was great!
4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?
  • The meme's were really good, helped summarize how things were going
5. How many books did you read?
  • I finished four, read halfway through two others
6. What were the names of the books you read?
  • The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan
  • Spin by Robert Charles Wilson
  • Coraline by Neil Gaiman
  • Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz (halfway)
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith (halfway)
7. Which book did you enjoy most?
  • this is difficult . . . probably Spin, although its hard to say
8. Which did you enjoy least?
  • I can't really settle on one for this, I enjoyed all of my books
9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?
  • Have your comments automatically publish!
10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?
  • Definitely, and solely as a reader, if I can
Title of book(s) read since last update: Muse of Fire by Dan Simmons
Number of books read since you started: six total, four completed
Pages read since last update: 90
Running total of pages read since you started: 812
Amount of time spent reading since last update: 105 minutes
Running total of time spent reading since you started: 15 hours and 10 minutes


Eva said...

Congrats!!! You're awesome!

3m said...

4+ books and over 800 pages is great!! Hope to see you next time!

Maree said...

Good going!!! :)

Beth F said...

Good job!

Ali said...

I got about halfway through Oscar Wao yesterday too (on audio). Fell asleep to it!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Some great books you've read there. I keep hearing about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it's on my list of books to read.